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Education Schools use Paradi to host lessons and assignments in multiple languages to ensure that all students, regardless of their language background, have access to the same information and resources.

Learning Management LMS companies use Paradi to expand their customer base, increase customer satisfaction, improve engagement, increase revenue and provide a competitive advantage.

Enterprise Paradi helps enterprise businesses show cultural sensitivity and respect for different cultures, which help to build stronger relationships with customers, partners, and employees.

Marketing Paradi helps businesses to expand their market reach, improve customer engagement, show cultural sensitivity, increase conversions, improve SEO, save costs and localize their marketing campaigns.


Users across industries leverage Paradi

Parent involvement is a critical aspect of a student's success. The use of Paradi technology gives my school an effective way of increasing parent involvement and equally important provide a way of keeping data on these conferences for state compliance reporting.
School Administrator
All I had to do was record a message, not more than 1-1 1/2 minutes, send the file, and I received it back- wow - watching me speak another language was shocking!
Content Manager
The ability to speak to my students ‘ parents in their native language is absolutely a “game changer” because parents who once needed an interpreter, or more realistically, were unable to hear about their children’s progress can now provide help and support at home!